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About us

ORIENT GS INTERNATIONAL ENGINEERING CO., LTD.( GS housing), is a modern enterprise focusing on the design, manufacturing, and assembly of modular steel structures using flat pack containers. GS Housing is one of the largest modular housing production bases in China. These low cost housing structures are becoming increasingly popular as traditional construction costs continue to rise. Making high quality housing affordable is the number one goal of GS housing.

Registered in 2001 with 3.2 million USD in capital, GS housing now operates three large-scale manufacturing bases. These production facilities include independent press, door and window, machining, auto color plate production, and installation workshops. GS has also established a modular housing institute in order to design products that are safe, environmentally friendly, and aesthetically pleasing.

GS Housing team members come from a variety of professional backgrounds. We employ highly trained installers, designers, and architects and more. They each have something in common however, they all use technology to enhance their capabilities to develop and produce high performance prefabricated housing units.

Over time, we have gradually established a national marketing network that covers more than ten providences, municipalities, and autonomous regions in the northern part of China. Meanwhile, GS has expanded internationally, exporting products to several countries and regions, like: Angola, Laos, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania, Lebanon, Mongolia, Saudi Namibia, etc. We have established agent networks in Germany, Kenya, Ethiopia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and South Korea.

The company has been classified as a second-class steel structure engineering contractor, and has been awarded a first class metal roof (wall) design and construction certificate, class B construction engineering design certificate and a class B light gauge steel structure design certificate.

Our workforces
  • Tianjin manufacturing base (120,000 m2), annual output of 50,000 sets
  • Shenyang manufacturing base (40,000 m2), annual output of 20,000 sets
  • Guangdong manufacturing base (110,000 m2), annual output of 30,000 sets

GS housing operates three production bases in Foshan, Guangdong, and Liaoning. The Tianjin base covers an area of 120 thousand square meters, and features an annual output of more than 50 thousand modular housing units. The GS Shenyang base covers an area of 40 thousand square meters, and boasts an annual production of 20 thousand sets. The Guangdong base covers an area of 110 thousand square meters with an annual output of 100 thousand units.


E-mail: info@gshousing.com.cn
Mobile: +86 13701003963