Prefab Construction Manufacturer In China

ORIENT GS INTERNATIONAL ENGINEERING CO., LTD. or GS Housing is an enterprise that performs the design, manufacturing, and construction of modular steel buildings. GS Housing modular buildings are produced using flat pack containers. We provide single layer and two to three layer modular buildings according to customer needs and demands. Provide us with your specific requirements, such as size, layers, wall and floor materials, and other structural specifications, and we can design and create your custom modular structure solution. With decades of experience in the design and production of modular buildings, we can be relied upon for the supply of safe and easy to assemble modular structures, no matter their use. details

Building Module

Utilizing steel shipping containers, modular buildings are composed of a roof panel, floor board, corner posts, and wall panels. The lightweight yet strong components of the shipping containers facilitate modular design and manufacturing that are perfect for low cost structures that can be assembled in seemingly no time. Flat pack containers meet the structural standards of a wide range of international governing bodies. All other components of the buildings are installed at the construction site. Wall and roof panels, windows, doors, and joint fittings will be packed within the containers before shipping.

Prefab Structures We Have Builded

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