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Accomodation modular building

GS Housing provides modular ISO container housing solutions with over 16 years of experience. We supply remote accommodations for workforces large or small in over 45 countries, onshore or offshore as required by our customers. Whether you need a self-contained trailer, or a multi-unit dormitory complex, we have a solution for you.

Our modular units are designed to house field staff as well as management staff, providing comfortable accommodations and amenities. We offer and support a robust selection of housing options.

Whether it is a triage unit, temporary, mobile or permanent housing, we can provide safe, clean and temperature controlled modular construction. Beds, cots, linens and laundry services are provided in concurrence with customer specifications.

Luxury room amenities are available as requested. Ensuring safety, all electrical, lighting, and fire detection and protection units are installed according to ISO standards.

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