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Flat pack container dimension

Our complete flat pack container units are certified and delivered as standardized ISO intermodal containers, the most common freight unit in the world. The containers make up low cost modular buildings that can be assembled and disassembled nearly anywhere.

Standard dimension
External dimension
6055mm* 2435mm* 2896mm (length*width*height)
Internal dimension
5845mm* 2225mm* 2780mm (length*width*height)
Roof shape: Flat roof with drainage system
Floor: no more than 3-floor

Design parameters (standard configuration)
Frame design life: 20-year
Live load of ground: 2.0KN/m2
Live load of roof: 0.5KN/m2
Wind load: 0.6KN/m2
China seismic intensity scale: Intensity 8 (peak acceleration of 2.50m/m2, peak speed 0.132.50m/m)