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Construction parts of modular building

Each of the construction components of GS Housing modular buildings are manufactured in our workshop and can be shipped within the shipping containers that make up the modular structures. GS housing is equipped with high quality welding machines for steel products. Meanwhile, all the integral parts used in modular buildings are of sound quality and our steel buildings have a useful life of at least 20 years.

Components parts of modular buildings
  • Top end rail
  • Top side rail
  • Upper corner casting
  • Bottom end rail
  • Bottom side rail
  • Lower corner casting
  • Corner post
  • Corner brace
  • Bottom rail component
  • Top rail component
  • Wallboard
  • Fibrous cement sheet
  • Window
  • Door
  • PVC rug
  • Glass wall

About doors
Single fold, 75mm thick, made of: a frame of painted steel hot galvanized and painted steel sheets on both sides.

Nominal dimensions 850×2035mm, internal clearance dimensions 760 x1990 mm. furnished with a handle lock with 3 keys.

About windows
Sliding window: made of PVC, with dimensions 1150×1100mm, glazed with double layer glass in a thickness of 5mm, with "sliding" mechanism (one side fixed and one sliding)

Rolling shutter external PVC rolling shutters.
Remark: Rights to change technical parameters are withheld.